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TOC: Asimov’s, August 2012

Asimov’s has posted the table of contents (with samples) for the August 2012 issue:


  • Weep for Day” by Indrapramit Das
  • “Heaven’s touch” by Jason Sanford
  • “Joining the High Flyers” by Ian Creasey
  • “The Bernoulli War” by Gord Sellar


  • “Beautiful Boys” by Theodora Goss
  • View Through the Window” by Ted Reynolds
  • “Starsong” by Aliette de Bodard
  • “Stamps” by Bruce McAllister


  • “My House of the Future” by G.O. Clark
  • “The Big Bang’s Backstory” by Marion Boyer
  • “Cassandra Moments from ‘The Official Guide to Time Travel'” by Robert Frazier
  • “The Music of a Dead World” by Bruce Boston


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