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TOC: ‘Female Science Fiction Writer: Collected Stories 2001-2012’ by Amy Sterling Casil

Book View Cafe has sent us the table of contents for Amy Sterling Casil’s new collection Female Science Fiction Writer: Collected Stories 2001-2012:

Mint-addicted aliens. Talking horses. Little girls in wheelchairs who get the chance to pilot starships. Odd little jade carvers who save the last great Mayan city by magic. A sexy wolf girl who saves a teddy bear boy and her clown boyfriend’s heart. A famous director who cloned herself and now is dying of cancer, only she’s raised her clone like a normal child. Guys at the end of the world who discover they’re not the world’s greatest poet, they’re about as bad as it gets. Fourteen stories by award-winning science fiction and fantasy writer Amy Sterling Casil.

The 138,000 word collection contains an introduction from the author, three never-before-published stories, Nebula Award-nominated and other award-winning stories, F & SF cover stories, and “favorite stories of the month” from a variety of publications.

Here’s the table of contents…


  • “Mad for the Mints”
  • “The Epicurean”
  • “The Universe at the Bottom of a Cereal Box”


  • “Heart of Jade”
  • “This Monster”
  • “Shakespeare in Hell”
  • “Richard Dadd”


  • “Chromosome Circus”
  • “Smiley the Robot”
  • “Everything I Have is Yours”
  • “To Love the Difficult”
  • “Incandescent”
  • “To Kiss the Star”
  • “Perfect Stranger”
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6 Comments on TOC: ‘Female Science Fiction Writer: Collected Stories 2001-2012’ by Amy Sterling Casil

  1. I guess they’re all written by ‘anonymous’.

    • Actually, they’re all written by Amy Sterling Casil. 🙂

      A “collection” is a group of stories by a single author. An “anthology” is a group of stories by different authors.

  2. Female Science Fiction Writer!
    Writin’ about science!
    Crankin’ out the stories,
    showing self-reliance!

  3. Cryin’ this morning!
    Thought my friends hated me!
    Getting back to writing,
    Cuz Adam set me free!

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