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TOC: ‘The Vampire Master and Others Tales of Horror’ by Edmond Hamilton

Haffner Press has posted the table of contents for the upcoming collection The Vampire Master and Others Tales of Horror:

While primarily known for his adventures of terrestrial doom and interstellar peril, Edmond Hamilton also wrote a number of tales of mystery and horror. The Vampire Master and Other Tales of Horror collects nine stories from pulp magazines such as Strange Tales of Mystery and Terror, Thrilling Mystery, and Weird Tales.

Included are Hamilton’s four tales of supernatural terror that appeared in Weird Tales under the nom de plume Hugh Davidson. Two of these stories feature the psychic detective, Dr. John Dale.

An introduction by Hugh B. Cave, recipient of the World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement, provides a personal glimpse at the bygone days of writing for the pulp magazines. Included as an afterword is an essay by Hamilton reflecting on the halcyon days of writing for Weird Tales.

  • Introduction by Hugh B. Cave
  • “Dead Legs” (Strange Tales of Mystery and Terror, Feb ’32)
  • “Vampire Village” (Weird Tales, Nov ’32)
  • “Snake-Man” (Weird Tales, Jan ’33)
  • “The Vampire Master” (Weird Tales, Oct, Nov, Dec ’33, Jan ’34)
  • “The Earth Dwellers” (Thrilling Mystery, Apr ’36)
  • “Beasts That Once Were Men” (Thrilling Mystery, May ’36)
  • “The House of the Evil-Eye” (Weird Tales, June ’36)
  • “Children of Terror” (Thrilling Mystery, Sep ’36)
  • “Woman in the Ice” (Thrilling Mystery, Sep ’38)
  • “The Science-Fiction Field” by Edmond Hamilton
  • Three From The Tomb, an exclusive chapbook with original Jon Arfstrom artwork collecting:
    • Introduction by Joseph Wrzos*
    • “The Three From the Tomb”
    • “The Man Who Returned”
    • “The Avenger From Atlantis”
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