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5 Graphic Novels Starring The Dark Knight Rises That Every Fan Should Read

Soon, theaters will be playing The Dark Knight Rises (midnight showings tonight in most markets), so with that in mind, I put together a list at the Kirkus Reviews Blog called 5 graphic novels starring Gotham’s protector, 3 of which I believe helped to shape the Nolan trilogy.

From the post:

The Dark Knight Returns – If we look at the Christopher Nolan and Tim Burton Batman flicks as being dark, even harsh, in their portrayal of Batman, we aren’t wrong.  A far cry from the campy days of Adam West running around in the cape and cowl, these films have had a mood and tone that at least partially comes from my next pick, Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns (ISBN-10: 1563893428).  Set in Batman’s future, Bruce Wayne is fifty-five years old, retired, and Gotham is a very different place without him.  Superheroes are all but gone, and crime is mostly unchecked.  When Two-Face returns, Wayne puts on the cape and cowl once more, but finds Gotham and the world, unwelcoming to his brand of vigilante justice.  The Gotham PD hunt him relentlessly, the American government sees him as a threat to their authority.  Worse, Batman alive and well brings The Joker back and he is deadlier than ever.

Please click through the Kirkus Reviews to see the other Batman graphic novel picks!

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2 Comments on 5 Graphic Novels Starring The Dark Knight Rises That Every Fan Should Read

  1. I would add Paul Pope’s Batman Year 100 and Jim Lee’s Batman: Hush to that list.

  2. DarkatHeart // July 19, 2012 at 4:31 pm //

    If there is a top 5 batman books and Moore’s Killing Joke is not in it. Its not Valid. (Check out Good reads if your not sure how big this small book was/is) After the Dark Knight Returns. It was the 2nd Batman Comic to be taken seriously. As it was written to be. Not for kids but certainly for people who had grown up past the age comics and wanted to return to them without having their intelligence insulted.

    Both are important works along with Maus and the Vertigo line in creating a atmosphere receptive to the future movies and especially making it something an adult could defend himself with if caught reading comics.
    People forget how comics had no respect and deserved very little at the time.

    Also the writer stating Burtons and Nolans Movies are to Harsh/Mature for some is only a half right statement.But including Burton in that statement was quite Silly.

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