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“Fringe” Season 5 Trailer

As we close in on the final season of Fringe, it’s nice to see that they’re embracing their inner science fiction. Although…how many times can they play Leonard-Nimoy-Comes-Out-of-Retirement! card?

Here’s the trailer the “premiered” at Comic Con (quoted because, I could swear, I saw most of this a while ago Was this tacked on to last season’s finale…?)

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5 Comments on “Fringe” Season 5 Trailer

  1. I haven’t seen one episode of this show, but have heard good buzz about it. Is it worth watching?

  2. John, you remember it because most of the footage was in that episode they aired near the end of last season that took place entirely in the future.


    • Ah, that’s right. So not so much a trailer as it was recap. Lame.

      • Some of it was new, say the last third. I just hope it ends well, this new future seems a bit tacked on to the rest of the show. I wonder if it’s like Babylon 5 where they wrapped everything up but then had another season to fill.

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