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“Game of Thrones” For Math Geeks

I loves me some charts…especially when they are applied to genre shows.

Here are some interesting stats on Game of Thrones, both book and film, that give one an interesting perspective…

[via The Great Geek Manual]

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2 Comments on “Game of Thrones” For Math Geeks

  1. Now, if someone was really crazy, they should try this with Steven Erikson’s series…

  2. Joshua corning // July 18, 2012 at 11:12 pm //

    And once again we get the meme that game of thrones is primarily consumed by males….

    You know the over long court romance fantasy that spends like 50% of the books describing what everyone is wearing and 30% the of narrative hinting at who is sleeping or slept with who.

    But I guess lots of people die in it….so it is male…never mind that everyone dies unrequited.

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