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TOC: “Masters of The Galaxy” by Mike Resnick

PS Publishing has posted the cover art, synopsis and table of contents for the upcoming collection Masters of The Galaxy by Mike Resnick.

Here’s the synopsis:

Jake Masters is the spiritual descendant of Philip Marlowe, Sam Spade, and all those other fallen angels who wander down today’s dark alleys. They know they’ll be lied to by their clients, betrayed by their friends, hunted by their enemies, paid late if at all – and yet they stick to it, because they possess what all around them have lost: a sense of justice.

In Jake’s case, some four millennia from now, those dark alleys have become dark spaceways, and his allies and enemies aren’t always human, but like his predecessors he’s got an urge to cut through all the lies and corruption in search of the truth, no matter the consequences.

Come join him as he becomes the “Guardian Angel” of a criminal kingpin’s son; watch him tackle the puzzle of “A Locked-Planet Mystery”; learn how a man in his business sometimes has to deal with “Honorable Enemies”; and watch him do whatever’s necessary “If the Frame Fits…”

Rounding off his adventures is a never before published tale, “Real Jake”. We think you’ll agree that this is the perfect blending of the hard-boiled detective and science fiction genres as told by an acknowledged master.

Extracting the table of contents…

  1. “Guardian Angel”
  2. “A Locked-Planet Mystery”
  3. “Honorable Enemies”
  4. “If the Frame Fits…”
  5. “Real Jake”

Book info as per PS Publishing:

  • EDITION: Hardcover
  • COVER ART: Arnold Richter
  • PRINT RUN: unsigned
  • ISBN: 978-1-848634-81-7
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    Sounds excellent. Thanks for the post.

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