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TOC: ‘Other Seasons’ by Neal Barrett, Jr.

Subterranean has posted the table of contents for their upcoming collection Other Seasons by Neal Barrett, Jr.

Here’s the book description:

Neal Barrett, Jr. answers (sometimes) to a number of names: Odd, Weird, Gonzo, and, as a former collection points out: Slightly Off Center. Barrett is all of the above, and more. From readers who have followed his career come accolades such as brilliant, unique, sheer genius. Other writers respect his status as a master of words, his ability to weave rhythm and poetry into his tales.

Barrett jumps in and out of genres at will, or simply invents one of his own. He likes to bring his favorite characters together, and see what they’ll do. In “Sallie C.” he puts The Wright Brothers, young Erwin Rommel and Sheriff Pat Garrett in a shabby hotel out west.“Highbrow” finds generations of devoted workers building a half-mile high statue of Richard Nixon.“Tony Red Dog” describes the trials and tribulations of the only Apache in the New York mob.

Neal Barrett, Jr. has made a special effort to give us a number of dark, funny, and hopefully impossible views of the future. Present in this collection are “Under Old New York,” “Radio Station St. Jack,” and the much heralded “Ginny Sweethips’ Flying Circus.”

Clearly, Nostrodamus missed the boat. Read and enjoy…

Here’s the table of contents…

  1. “Love in the Shadow of the Worm”
  2. “To Plant a Seed”
  3. “The Stentorii Luggage”
  4. “A Walk on Toy”
  5. “The Flying Stutzman”
  6. “Nightbeat”
  7. “Hero”
  8. “Survival Course”
  9. “The Grandfather Pelts”
  10. “Diner”
  11. “Sallie C.”
  12. “Winter on the Belle Fourche”
  13. “Stairs”
  14. “Ginny Sweethips’ Flying Circus”
  15. “Highbrow”
  16. “Perpetuity Blues”
  17. “Tony Red Dog”
  18. “The Last Cardinal Bird in Tennessee”
  19. “Hit”
  20. “Cush”
  21. “The Lizard Shoppe”
  22. “Under Old New York”
  23. “Four Times One”
  24. “Rhido Wars”
  25. “Slidin'”
  26. “Radio Station St. Jack”
  27. “Tourists”
  28. “Getting Dark”
  29. “The Heart”
  30. “Limo”
  31. “At the Store”
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  1. Scott Cupp // July 8, 2012 at 10:20 am //

    Really looking forward to this one. I have read most but not all of the pieces

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