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VIDEO: Anthropology for Writers [Readercon Panel]

At last weekend’s Readercon 23 I led a panel on the subject of writing culture in fantastic fiction. This is the description from the program:

 In a 2011 blog post, Farah Mendlesohn wrote, “‘Worldbuilding’ as we understand it, has its roots in traditions that described the world in monolithic ways: folklore studies, anthropology, archeology, all began with an interest in describing discrete groups of people and for that they needed people to be discrete.” This panel will discuss the historical and present-day merging and mingling of real-world cultures, and advise writers on building less monolithic and more plausible fictional ones.”

We had a lively conversation that ranged from historical fiction to John Norman’s Gor series. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I want to thank my fellow panelists for making the discussion informative and fun. The panelists are (from left to right):

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