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VIDEO: Joss Whedon Stars in “Scary Smash”

The good folks at Geek & Sundry have enlisted the talents of Dave Foley, Joss Whedon & Kate Micucci to act in this play written by a kid.

I love this idea. And the results are quite entertaining.


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8 Comments on VIDEO: Joss Whedon Stars in “Scary Smash”

  1. VIDEO: John Whedon Stars in “Scary Smash”

    So, who’s JOHN Whedon?

  2. Josh Whedon?

    I know I could fix the headline, but why would I do that? 🙂

  3. Michael Ellis Day // July 21, 2012 at 11:28 pm //

    Apparently every comedy video on YouTube now has to come with a plug for the behind-the-scenes making of short at the end? I’ve seen them now on half a dozen videos from different comedy groups. It just kills the ability to buy into the video itself and dispels any mystique or magic or sense of mystery the thing could have built up on its own. I really wish they’d stop doing that.

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