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Crowd Funding Roundup For 8/17/12

[Crowdfunding is the in thing for obtaining money to fund a variety of projects, with Kickstarter being the most prominent of these sites. With new projects going live daily, it’s a chore to keep up with, let alone find, interesting genre projects. The Crowd Funding Roundup will be our effort to bring projects we think are interesting to your attention so you can, if you so choose, decide to help out. These posts will be a collaborative effort between James Aquilone and JP Frantz.]

What’s it about?

A romantic comedy directed by Michael Dorn and starring Star Trek actors

Why it’s interesting: It’s Worf in a romantic comedy with Deanna Troi, Quark and Colonel Kira. How can you not support that? Well, it’s not really Worf, Troi, et al., of course. It’s Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis, Armin Shimerman and Nana Visitor, as well as Anne Marie Johnson — showing that they can do more than SF. It would be awesome to see this kind of thing catch on — wouldn’t you love to see the cast of Firefly in a telenovela or the stars of Battlestar Galactica in an episode of Portlandia? Wait, that really happened.

What’s it about?

A collection of hilarious science fiction & fantasy stories from some of today’s best speculative writers.

Why it’s interesting: If you lament the paucity of funny SF stories, lament no more. Unidentified Funny Objects, edited by author Alex Shvartsman, features comedic tales by Mike Resnick, Ken Liu, Jennifer Pelland and Lavie Tidhar. For $10 you get a digital copy of the collection. A physical copy is $20.

What’s it about?

A collection of artwork in homage to the notorious TV series Twin Peaks by nearly 30 talented illustrators.

Why it’s interesting: Still obsessing over David Lynch’s cult TV show Twin Peaks? Then this is the Kickstarter campaign for you. Damn Fine Coffee pays homage to the show in more than “60 pages of grayscale artwork all bound in a saddle-stitched zine with a screen-printed cover.” The art ranges from the quirky to downright weird, just as you’d expect. For $10 you get a copy of the zine.

What’s it about?

A print and electronic literary annual featuring new stories, poems and essays from established and emerging authors around the world.

Why it’s interesting: Unstuck is a non-profit, volunteer-edited literary journal that emphasizes “short stories, poems, and even essays with elements of the fantastic, the futuristic, the surreal, or the strange.” Their first issue featured new fiction from Aimee Bender, J. Robert Lennon and Amelia Gray. They’re looking to raise funds for their second issue, which will have a whopping 500-plus pages. E-versions are $15. “Perfect-bound” print copies are $25.

What’s it about?

Matthew Wayne Selznick returns to the Sovereign Era with Pilgrimage, a new novel featuring Nate Charters, hero of Brave Men Run.

Why it’s interesting: Matthew Wayne Selznick’s first novel set in his Sovereign Era, Brave Men Run, came out in 2005. He’ll return to that world of super-powered humans in Pilgrimage. But he needs $5,000 to write, edit, produce, publish and distribute the book. For $10, you get the e-versions and for $25 you get an autographed paperback. For $2,000, you get to have dinner with Selznick in your town. Hopefully that comes with free refills!

[BONUS: Check out Matthew’s SF Signal guest post on Crowdfunding and Kickstarter!]

What’s it about?

Underground Kingdom is an interactive gamebook for iPad and iPhone, adapted from the classic Choose Your Own Adventure book from Edward Packard. We will bring the experience to a new level, as it will include interactive features, amazing illustrations, animations and sounds.

Why it’s interesting: Who doesn’t like the old Choose Your Own Adventure novels? No one! We have several original copies upstairs. There are interactive books already for iOS, but the Fighting Fantasy series just dropped their publisher and none of the others I’ve seen have art that even comes close to what’s show here and $5 gets you a copy of the app. That’s got to be worth a pledge, right?

What’s it about?

Each player represents a super-powered Hero of their own design who must stop their Archenemy’s nefarious plan to destroy Metro City. To succeed, the Heroes must do battle with hordes of Minions, diabolical Villains, and the Archenemy who leads them! The more Energy and Powers a Hero develops, the closer they get to defeating their Archenemy. But time is running out! For every moment the Heroes delay, the forces of evil destroy more of the city the Heroes are trying to save.

Why it’s interesting: I like a good card game such as Magic The Gathering and its ilk and now, with the advent of Dominion, a new type of game where you build your deck as you go, instead of shelling out $$ to buy packs, has become very popular. Heroes of Metro City adds superheroes to the equation, which is pretty cool, but for only $1, you get to download the entire game in PDF format, print it out and play it. How cool is that? They’re so confident you’ll like the game that you’ll come back and increase your pledge. Dastardly, but certainly worth a $1 pledge to try out.

What’s it about?

Monitor Gray is an intelligent Sci-Fi film expertly crafted to not only entertain, but to address key issues of our time: the power of corporations to control those beyond their immediate reach, the ability for individuals to ignore economic disparities as long as their own lives are awash in full comfort, and the ramification of blending politics and religion in a world desperate for strong leadership.

Why it’s interesting:Indie productions like this will be where we find the new, unusual and different in visual SF. Goodness knows TV and film aren’t giving us anything different. Monitor Gray certainly looks interesting enough to be worth your time and $10 gets you a copy of the finished film.

What’s it about?

[Punchline] is a movie created by a team of dreamers, hard workers, filmmakers, and fools. We started this project back in September and finished shooting it April hoping to have a finished product by July. We wanted to make a film that showed our love for Noir and Crime films but had it’s own unique twist on it… Set it in a world completely inhabited by clowns. Chuckles is the only sad clown in the city, a detective with a bright red nose, a drinking problem, and a past that haunts him to this day. He and his all too manic partner Noofles find themselves on the trail the most deranged serial killer the city has ever seen. A killer so twisted he wears flesh colored makeup and a false human nose over his face. As Chuckles follows the clues and tries to piece things together, he finds out the hunter has become hunted.

Why it’s interesting: Clown noir. What else needs to be said? And again for $10, you get a copy of the movie. That’s probably as much as you’d spend to buy the DVD of Shakes The Clown

What’s it about?

Commissioned Comic is a wildly insane webcomic about the life of Obsidian Abnormal, rife with zombies, ninjas, perverts, nerds, dwarves, elves (and weretigers), evil erasers, very manly bunnies and Cthulhu Ninja Zombie. 3v3 is a unique battling card game. Every hand you draw three cards. Each card has an attack, a defense and a special ability, but you have to pick which card is your attack, which is your defense and which is your ability. Then you play your three cards against your opponent’s three cards.

Why it’s interesting: Any game that has Cthulhu ninja zombies has my attention. I’ll have to go read the online webcomic now to get a better sense of the nuttiness involved, but it sure does look interesting.

Catching Up From Last Time

Z*Con Pre-Production Fundraiser – ($27k/$25k, Closed) Successfully funded.

Five Little Zombies And Fred – ($1.6k/$11.5k, 32 days) There’s still about a month to go on this project, which needs some help to reach its goal. However, this is a flexible funding campaign so any amount raised is sent to the project.

Solforge – ($107k/$250k, 24 days) With three weeks to go, Solforge is a little under halfway to its goal, which Kicktraq estimates it will barely surpass. This one looks cool, I may have to pledge something myself.

Project Giana – ($70k/$150k, 14 days) Another project that’s just under halfway to its goal, Project Giana has 14 days left and Kicktraq is estimating it will not reach $150k. There’s still time for anyone to pledge.

Antiquities and Tangibles: A Short Fiction Collection – ($6.5k/$2k, 12 days) Successfully funded, congratulations Tim Pratt! There is still time for anyone to pledge and receive a copy of the book.

Necronomicon: Cthulhu Mythos – A New Miniatures Line & Dice – ($9.8k/$750, Closed) – Successfully funded!

Molly Danger – ($17.6k/$45k, 14 days) Molly Danger needs more help if its to reach the $45k goal. Kicktraq is trending to roughly 75% of that, but there’s still time for you to help out if you want to a super hero comic designed to breakaway from the current trend of gritty and dark in comics. Only $10 gets you a copy of book 1.

Birds Of Lore – ($4.8k/$16k, 17 days) Trending to almost 50% of its goal, there is plenty of time left for more pledges.

Out of Print eBook Jackets for iPad, Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 – ($69k/$15k, 1 day) – Successfully funded!

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  1. These posts are awesome. Also wanted to add that Shadowrun Online squeaked through and was funded. I’m happy about that.

  2. The TNT mystery show, PERCEPTION, is chock full of STAR TREK actors in guest roles. It’s rare to see an episode without a few, and Levar Burton has a supporting role.

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