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Daily Science Fiction Roster of Stories for September 2012

Daily Science Fiction has announced its September 2012 line-up of free stories:

  • September 3: “The Gifter” by Torrey Podmajersky
  • September 4: “Summer Reading” by Ken Liu
  • September 5: “Second Time’s a Charm” by Melanie Rees
  • September 6: “The Touch of Love” by Day Al-Mohamed
  • September 7: “A Silly Love Story” by Nicole Cipri
  • September 10: “Rising, Falling” by Leah Thomas
  • September 11: “Mortless” by Henry Szabranski
  • September 12: “Fool’s Gold” by Frank Dutkiewicz
  • September 13: “Old Friends” by Shane Wilwand
  • September 14: “Said the Princess” by Dani Atkinson
  • September 17: “The Whisper” by Douglas Sterling
  • September 18: “Triumph” by Robert Reed
  • September 19: “Professor Jennifer Magda-Chichester’s Time Machine” by Julian Mortimer Smith
  • September 20: “Intolerance” by VG Campen
  • September 21: “Where You End and the World Begins” by Sam Ferree
  • September 24: “From the Divide” by Nathan Tavares
  • September 25: “Blood Oranges” by K.C. Shaw
  • September 26: “Last” by Rich Larson
  • September 27: “Lyria” by Miah Sonnel
  • September 28: “My Mask, Humanity” by D. Thomas Minton
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