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[GUEST POST] Andrea Johnson on the Bookstore Bookblogger Connection

Raise your hand if you’re a book blogger.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever purchased a book because of a review you read on a book review blog.

Raise your hand if you’re a bookseller and a customer has asked for a certain title because they read about it on a book blog.

If your hand is raised, Bookstore Bookblogger Connection is for you.

Created by two book-aholics, Bookstore Bookblogger Connection was born out of an interest in connecting the brick-and-mortar bookstores we so dearly love with the book bloggers who daily convince us to buy another book.

Everyone involved in Bookstore Bookblogger Connection is a bibliophile, and in our case, a fan of science fiction and fantasy. The bloggers love books and love to talk about books. The booksellers love books, it’s why they do what they do. As bloggers, book lovers, and bookstore lovers, how could we better help our favorite Bookstores promote more of our favorite books?

When talking to some independent booksellers, it became apparent that many of these business owners didn’t really know about the blogosphere or the potential there was in the book blogger community, and certainly didn’t have the time to dig around for reviews beyond Amazon or GoodReads.

On the surface, Bookstore BookBlogger Connection is a website that indexes book blogger written reviews. Bloggers volunteer their information by submitting a form that includes a ìblurbî they’ve pulled from their own online book reviews. Booksellers can see our constantly growing list of books we have blurbs for, and request shelf-talkers or reformattable text to use as marketing material in their stores. For the time being, Bookstore Bookblogger Connection is focusing only on Science Fiction and Fantasy titles.

But below that surface lies the potential for something truly amazing. Bookstore Bookblogger Connection harnesses the power of blogger and peer written reviews in a way that could revolutionize how independent brick and mortar bookstores market and sell books. As bloggers, shouldn’t we be helping the very businesses that give us our fix? The very places we go to buy that book that we just read about on a blog?

Click any of the links above to visit the site and get all the details. Bloggers, I invite you to submit blurbs from your reviews, and Booksellers, I invite you to contact us about new and older titles you are promoting in your stores.

Bookstore Bookblogger Connection started as a brainstorm. It becomes a reality when Bloggers and Bookstores utilize it. The Connection can be found on twitter at @BSBBConxn, and questions can be e-mailed to us at .


E. Campbell opened Antimatter ePress, LLC in order to help SF&F authors bring their out-of-print novels to the digital world, allowing those novels to again be bringing an income to the writers. She also teaches English as a new languages to adults coming to the US for, well, for whatever brings them here.

Andrea is the redhead behind Little Red Reviewer. She reads mostly scifi and fantasy, adores books that are older than she is and in her spare time enjoys experimenting in the kitchen. Someone at her day job recently told her she sounds taller on the phone.

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