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This Is Not The Star Wars TV Show You’ve Been Looking For – Star Wars Detours

Many people have been patiently waiting for the more than rumored but not under production live-action Star Wars TV series to make an appearance, so when news broke on Friday of a new Star Wars TV show, interest was piqued. Right up until the trailer was seen, then you have to wonder “What in the heck is this??” I know it’s Seth Green of Robot Chicken fame behind Star Wars Detours but his humor doesn’t seem to translate well to a show aimed at a much younger audience. Detours is set between the two trilogies and follows most of the major characters from the original Star Wars. Take a look:

Aside from the Admiral Ackbar bit, which I found hilarious, there’s only a couple of somewhat funny lines here. Maybe I’m too old but I just don’t see me watching this and I don’t see my older boys being interested either. The question is, will youngsters get into this? Is Star Wars even that a big a deal for the under 10 set? I just don’t know.

What say you?

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