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TOC: Electric Velocipede #24

Electric Velocipede has posted the table of contents for issue #24 Electric Velocipede:


  • “Heaven Under Earth” by Aliette de Bodard (Novelette)
  • “To Dive Into a Godling, Where Life Begins” by Jacques Barcia
  • “For They Heard the First Sound and Trembled” by Jessica Breheny
  • “The Mezzo” by Eli Effinger-Weintraub
  • “Under the Tree” by Tania Hershman
  • “The Leaf” by Erik T. Johnson
  • “Night’s Slow Poison” by Ann Leckie
  • Cutting” by Ken Liu
  • “The Lotus Eaters” by Michelle Muenzler


  • A Remembrance of the Future” by John Klima
  • “Content TKTK” by John Ottinger III
  • “Blindfold Taste Test” with William Shunn
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