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Anarchy Books Offering a Free eBook Every Day in September

In celebration of its two September releases, Trajectory by John. S. Barker on 1st September, and Monsters Anonymous by Theresa Derwin on 30th September, Anarchy Books is offering a FREE EBOOK every single day of September!

They are also running a competition with Geek Syndicate to win Anarchy Books’ entire digital catalogue of ebooks and their associated specially composed soundtracks.

For more information during every Sizzling September Promo Day, visit Anarchy Books and Geek Syndicate… and remember to follow the White Rabbit…

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6 Comments on Anarchy Books Offering a Free eBook Every Day in September

  1. I clicked all over the Anarchy Books site for at least 5 mins.; never found any free book, only a list of books that *will* be free throughout the month. I can appreciate Anarchy wanting readers to overrun their various pages, but I got better things to do than to play anarchy. Hope they are successful in this endeavor, but I, for one, am outta here.


  2. Like Marty and Chuck, I could not find a link to a free book, although there was a page giving a list of half a dozen books that would be included in the freebies. But if you clicked on their images, they proved to be just images and did not lead you to a download link. We were told to follow the white rabbit, but clicking on the white rabbit accomplished nothing. The only place you could go from the page advertising the freebies was the home page, which–of course–contained a list of all their books for sale. (In this case, clicking on the images did link you to purchase/download pages.) This list included most of the items that had been mentioned as possible freebies, but when clicked on, they all had prices,

    I suspect Anarchy Books intended to do as promised but simply didn’t have the website design chops to pull it off. Even without the hunt for freebies, the site was a bit simplistic and difficult to navigate, workable only because it was small. I will (maybe) check back later in the month to see if they got their act together.

    • From their site:

      Every day in September, a free book will be made available, linked from somewhere on the Anarchy Books website. Sometimes the White Rabbit will lead you directly there. Sometimes not. Sometimes the book will be on Amazon. Sometimes on a secret page on this site. Not that we’re trying to mess witcha head or nuffink. So… keep your eyes peeled! Root around like a pig in truffles!! And get yourself that free book…

  3. I found the white rabbit with a little searching–but it leads to Amazon UK, not Amazon US (for me).

    If anybody is in the UK, the title I found it on is Gareth Powell’s THE LAST REEF.

  4. UPDATE: If you see the white rabbit and click on the appropriate link (e.g., Amazon US), that will also get you a free book.

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