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Cover & Synopsis: “Debris Dreams” by David Colby (+ GIVEAWAY!)

Here’s the the cover art and synopsis of the upcoming novel Debris Dreams by David Colby, being published in November 2012 by Candlemark & Gleam. The cover art is seen here. (Click it for a larger version.)

Here’s the synopsis:

The year is 2068, the place is near earth orbit, an environment so hostile to human life that every day is a constant reminder that the only thing keeping you from a painful, horrifying death is the thin metal and technological systems that surround you. For Drusilla Xao and her contemporaries…this is home. Dru and her fellows are not your average teenagers. They were raised and taught by AIs and a cycle of off-watch adults, their parents sometimes weeks or months away. Through it all, Dru kept herself sane in the classic way: Video games, browsing the Lag-Net (so called because it connects stations in orbit to Earth born cities…and because light-speed limitations make it extremely laggy) and pining over her Earth-born girlfriend, Sarah.

And then, in one instant, the orderly life that they had known was shattered. A terrorist attack on an unfinished space elevator causes a cascade of debris impacts, which destroy station after station, killing thousands and sparking a war between the distant Earth and their rebellious Lunar colony. Dru’s parents are killed and her hopes for one day visiting Earth are dashed, as the cloud of debris that choke the Earth’s orbit prevents travel to and from the surface. Now, the only chance for the war to be won is to create an army with what is left in orbit…and while all the adults have vital life sustaining jobs to accomplish, Dru and her contemporaries haven’t qualified for a single one.

Now, their lives are all too familiar to those who live on Earth. Their lives are the lives of the millions of men and women throughout history who have joined the military: Long periods of boredom followed by infinitesimal moments of absolute terror. But for Dru, the horror of war has given her the chance to make a difference.

If she can survive.


  • Format: Trade Paperback’ edition, 6×9 perfect paperback binding, unsigned
  • ISBN: 978-1-936460-38-0
  • RRP: $19.95
  • Page Count: 294 pages (est.)
  • Publishing Date: November, 2012

Wanna learn how to win a free copy? Read on!


Candlemark and Gleam has prize packages to give away! There are several ways to enter and win one of 3 free copies of Debris Dreams. (This offer is available only to residents in the Continental US):

  • Tweet or post a link to this article, and send your tweet or post URL (along with your contact info!) to
  • Comment on this thread by September 20, telling us how you would keep yourself from going crazy from boredom and loneliness in space. (Be sure to enter your email address so you may be contacted should you win!)
  • Request a review copy of the book from, with a link to where you’ll be reviewing it.

Giveaway winners will be chosen on September 20 and notified shortly thereafter.

Good luck!

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