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Sword and Laser Interviews LeVar Burton about “Star Trek” and “Reading Rainbow”

The good folks at Sword and Laser (Veronica Belomont and Tom Merritt) interview LeVar Burton this week in the latest episode. LeVar talks about Star Trek: The Next Generation and Reading Rainbow. Also: he names his favorite science fiction author and book! Can you guess who it is?

This particular episode includes a nice shout-out for SF Signal’s Hugo win and also features a “quick burn” news item on our friend, John Anealio — with a nice plug for Functional Nerds, too. Thanks, Veronica and Tom!

Check out the episode after the jump! (It’s a very tiny jump, I promise you’ll be OK. And it’s totally worth it.)

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  1. I am pleased to see that you are still working hard educating, writing,performing,and are still ever the learner. I have always appreciated your work. Now at 46 ,I loved watching you inspire younger people and myself with interesting books on reading rainbow. Of course i really appreciated your work with The Next Generation. You were not only a truly believable engineer, but your pace and fluid interaction-especially with Brent Spiner- really suspended my disbelief and I still believe Geordi LaForge was critical to TNG’s ensemble team. Thanks for keeping that child-like wonder alive in me,and nurturing the science reader that was always within. You are a credit to the thespian arts and I believe a kind man,rare and a benefit to humanity. All the best “make it so…..” Ron Scott Sippel

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