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TOC and Audio Trailer: “Walk The Fire” Edited by John Mierau

Here’s the table of contents for Walk The Fire edited by John Mierau, a shared-world anthology featuring one helluva guy, SF Signal contributor Matthew Sanborn Smith.

  1. “Shipwrecked : The True Account Of My Life Among The Natives Of Florida” by Nathan Lowell
  2. “From Fire, Bring Ice” by Patrick McLean
  3. “Lighter” by Brand Gamblin
  4. “Embers” by Jason Andrew Bond
  5. “The Faithful May Also Be Burned” by J. Daniel Sawyer
  6. “Three Boxes” by Jake Bible
  7. “Aborted Love With Chaos Motor at Lucky Pierre’s” by Matthew Sanborn Smith
  8. “Remember Your Fangs” by Ed W Robertson

BONUS: Here’s an audio trailer.

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