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TOC: ‘Bread and Circuses’ by Felicity Dowker

Here’s the table of contents for Felicity Dowker’s collection Bread and Circuses:

Here’s the book description:

The debut collection by award-winning Australian dark fantasist Felicity Dowker.

“She is one of those rare and talented writers of horror who can creep you out while still making you admire the graceful construction of her prose.” – World Fantasy Award nominee Angela Slatter

“Felicity Dowker is one of the all-too-rare writers who really understands both horror and its appeal. She can show the terrifying aspect of things as outre as enchanted dragons or the zombie apocalypse, or as commonplace as dysfunctional families and the Santa Claus army. To borrow her own words, ‘It hurts, and it’s horrible, and it’s beautiful . . . and we might as well enjoy it’.” – Award-winning Stephen Dedman

Here’s the table of contents…

  1. “Bread And Circuses”
  2. “Jesse’s Gift”
  3. “From Little Things…”
  4. “Us, After The House Came Back”
  5. “The Bearded Ones”
  6. “Berries And Incense”
  7. “To Wish On A Clockwork Heart”
  8. “Phantasy Moste Grotesk”
  9. “The Blind Man”
  10. “Red Delicious”
  11. “After The Jump”
  12. “Rota Fortunae”
  13. “Nepenthe”
  14. “The Female Of The Species Is More Deadly Than The Male”
  15. “The Emancipated Dance”
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