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TOC: OnSpec, Summer 2012 Issue (#89) Edited by Diane L. Walton

Here’s the table of contents for the SUmmer 2012 issue (#89) of OnSpec magazine, edited by Diane L. Walton:


  • “7:54” by Susan Forest
  • “Village of Good Fortune” by Shen Braun
  • “The Only Innocent Soul in Hell” by Peter Darbyshire
  • “In Which Demetri Returns the Elgin Marbles” by Paul Kenneback
  • “Canine Court” by Tyler Keevil
  • “Bespoke” by Kevin Shaw


  • “Penultimate” by F.J. Bergmann


  • To Boldly Go… by Diane L. Walton
  • Through a Glass, brightly: The Goggled Gaze of Steampunk by Mike Perschon
  • Shen Braun: Creating Worlds, One Story at a Time – Interview by Roberta Laurie
  • Melissa Wartenberg – Artist Interview by Cat McDonald
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