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TOC: ‘Ripped Genes: The Biopunk Special Issue’ Edited by Samuel Diamond

Amazon has posted the table of contents for the new anthology Ripped Genes: The Biopunk Special Issue:

  1. “The New Fatherhood” by Benjamin F. Jones
  2. “Setting Down” by Douglas J. Ogurek
  3. “Fishing the Life in Notochords” by Matt Leyshon
  4. “Harvest” by J.B. Ronan
  5. “Richard and the Silver Marks” by Nicholas Stirling
  6. “Baby Boom” by Alan Spencer
  7. “Killing Larmark” by David Barber
  8. “Ecce Homo” by John Rovito
  9. “Clone” by Jennifer Marie Brissett
  10. “Mousetrap” by Oscar Windsor-Smith
  11. “Anti-Bodies” by Wednesday Silverwood
  12. “Screaming Monkeys” by Dev Jarrett
  13. “Legacy” by Richard Farren Barber
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