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TOC: ‘The 400-Million-Year Itch’ by Steven Utley

Indie Books Online has posted the table of contents for Steven Utley’s collection The 400-Million-Year Itch: Silurian Tales Volume 1:

Here’s the book description:

For the first time, 18 of Utley’s intriguing Silurian Tales (and an additional original offering) have been collected and placed into chronological order, starting with the introductory “All of Creation,” in which a link to the mid-Paleozoic Siluro-Devonian era grants present-day people a unique opportunity to study the Earth of 400 million years ago. These stories range in tone and style as they explore a wide variety of topics. Utley eschews action in favor of character-driven tales and weighty discussions, tackling the many-worlds hypothesis in “The Gift Horse,” time travel in “The Age of Mud and Slime,” and theology in “Half a Loaf.” The real focus is on Utley’s thought-provoking exploration of the concept from every angle, since the sprawling cast and lack of obvious connecting narrative leave each story standing alone. The result is subtle but powerful, and will leave readers wanting to do their own research into prehistoric eras.

Here’s the table of contents…

  1. “All of Creation”
  2. “The Woman Under the World”
  3. “Walking in Circles”
  4. “Beyond the Sea”
  5. “The Gift Horse”
  6. “Promised Land”
  7. “The Age of Mud and Slime”
  8. “The Wind Over the World”
  9. “The Tortoise Grows Elate”
  10. “Cloud by van Gogh”
  11. “Half a Loaf”
  12. “Chaos and the Gods”
  13. “Foodstuff”
  14. “Chain of Life”
  15. “Exile”
  16. “The End in Eden”
  17. “Lost Places of the Earth”
  18. “A Silurian Tale”
  19. “The 400-Million-Year Itch”

Also included is an introduction by Gardner Dozois.

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