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TOC: ‘The Other Half of the Sky’ Edited by Athena Andreadis (+ Teasers)

Athena Andreadis has posted the table of contents for her upcoming anthology/collection The Other Half of the Sky:

  1. “Finders” by Melissa Scott
  2. “Bad Day on Boscobel” by Alexander Jablokov
  3. “In Colors Everywhere” by Nisi Shawl
  4. “Mission of Greed” by Sue Lange
  5. “Sailing the Antarsa” by Vandana Singh
  6. “Landfall” by Joan Slonczewski
  7. “This Alakie and the Death of Dima” by Terry Boren
  8. “The Waiting Stars” by Aliette de Bodard
  9. “The Shape of Thought” by Ken Liu
  10. “Under Falna’s Mask” by Alex Dally MacFarlane
  11. “Mimesis” by Martha Wells
  12. “Velocity’s Ghost” by Kelly Jennings
  13. “Exit, Interrupted” by C. W. Johnson
  14. “Dagger and Mask” by Cat Rambo
  15. “Ouroboros” by Christine Lucas
  16. “Cathedral” by Jack McDevitt

Athena included teasers in her posting. I’m including them after the jump…

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