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Top 25 SF Signal Posts for August 2012

In case you dared to miss them, here are The Top 25 SF Signal Posts for August 2012 (not including daily tidbits posts):

  1. Books You Should Have Read in 2011-2012
  2. A Book Cover Gallery of 157 Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Books Coming Out in August 2012
  3. MIND MELD: The Best Endings In SF/F Series
  4. MIND MELD: Ticklish Subjects in SF
  5. TRAILER: The Most Visually Stunning Movie Trailer I’ve Seen in a While – Painted Skin: The Resurrection
  6. The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 141): Cherie Priest, Jay Lake, Gail Carriger, Paul Di Fillipo, Phillipa Ballantine and Tee Morris Talk Steampunk
  7. [GUEST POST] Jonathan Wood on Looking for Lovecraft in All the Wrong Places
  8. REVIEW: Clockwork Angels by Kevin J. Anderson (based on a story and lyrics by Neil Peart)
  9. The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 143): Panel Discussion of: Readercon, Harassment and Making Positive Changes
  10. BOOK REVIEW: Fear to Tread by James Swallow
  11. The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 145): Panel Discussion: What’s the Best Debut Novel You Have Ever Read?
  12. MIND MELD: Point of View in Genre Fiction (Part I of II)
  13. MIND MELD: Point of View in Genre Fiction (Part II of II)
  14. Watch An Extended Video Preview of J.J. Abrams’ New Post-Apocalyptic TV Series, ‘Revolution’
  15. Today at Kirkus: August Science Fiction and Fantasy Books You Don’t Want to Miss
  16. Free eBooks: “No Hero” and “Yesterday’s Hero” by Jonathan Wood (Multiple Formats)
  17. The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 147): Panel Discussion of: Best Debut Novel You Have Ever Read (Part 2)
  18. Small Press Spotlight: Small Beer Press
  19. “Game of Thrones” Season 2 as an 8-Bit RPG
  20. How “The Dark Knight Rises” Should Have Ended
  21. Free SF/F/H Fiction for 8/29/2012
  22. FINALISTS: 2012 World Fantasy Awards
  23. Can You Name This Story? (Part 27)
  24. “The Year’s Best Science Fiction” Series Edited by Gardner Dozois Finally Gets the Full eBook Treatment (+ Back Catalog Bonus)
  25. “Call Me Maybe” as Sung by the Cast of Star Trek: TNG
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