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Here’s an interesting interview with Chinese science fiction author Liu Cixin

Liu Cixin, born in June 1963, is a representative of the new generation of Chinese science fiction authors and recognized as a leading voice in Chinese science fiction. His works have received wide acclaim on account of their powerful atmosphere and brilliant imagination. Liu Cixin’s stories successfully combine the exceedingly ephemeral with hard reality, all the while focussing on revealing the essence and aesthetics of science. He has endeavoured to create a distinctly Chinese style of science fiction. Liu Cixin is a member of the China Science Writers’ Association and the Shanxi Writers’ Association. He was awarded the China Galaxy Science Fiction Award for eight consecutive years, from 1999 to 2006 and again in 2010. He received the Nebula (Xingyun) Award in both 2010 and 2011.

[via Paul Di Filippo]

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  1. Oh, excellent! I discovered Liu Cixin’s novellas earlier this year and I’ve quickly become a huge fan. I’m really looking forward to the translation of his “Three Bodies” novels.

    On my blog I’ve reviewed a few of his novellas and I’ve also interviewed C.W.Verbena, the editor of his English-translated fiction:

    Interview with C.W. Verbena:
    Review of The Wandering Earth:
    Review of Taking Care of God:
    Review of Mountain:

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