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A Horror-Themed StoryBundle? Yes Please!

  1. Riverwatch by Joseph Nassise
  2. Taking on the Dead by Annie Walls
  3. A Latent Dark by Martin Kee
  4. The Drought by Patricia Fulton (Patricia Fulton)
  5. Blaze of Glory by Weston Ochse
  6. Vicarious by Jon F. Merz

StoryBundle is now featuring The Halloween Horror Bundle, a nice selection if 6 (+2) horror and dark fantasy ebooks for one pay-what-you-want price. Each book was selected by esteemed author and former Horror Writers Association President Joseph Nassise. As is usual with StoryBundle, you get to decide how the money is distributed between authors and charities. Nice.

But wait! There’s more!

Pay at least $9 and get two bonus books:

  1. Coming of Age: Three Novellas Boxed Set (Purity, The Words, The Attraction) by Douglas Clegg
  2. Resurrection, Inc. by Kevin J Anderson

Check out the details at StoryBundle

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