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Can You Name This Story? (Part 28)

Another Name That Story challenge for our readers: Do any of you out there know the title to this story?

I’m looking for the title (or author) for a story that’s been bugging my mind for awhile. It’s a great story and I’ll be as detailed as I can without spoiling it if you haven’t read it.

It centers around an archaeological survey of an alien base on the moon. The base is deserted and the team can’t figure out who built it or what happened to them. The main character discovers a device which is a carving tool about the size of a large pen. He uses it to carve something but it falls to the floor and drills a hole down through the floor. There’s also a time travel element in there…

– Aaron

Can you name this story?

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5 Comments on Can You Name This Story? (Part 28)

  1. “Wrong-Way Street” by Larry Niven?

  2. Stevo Darkly // October 24, 2012 at 2:56 am //

    Yep, I was gonna say Niven’s “Wrong-Way Street” as well.

    I think it’s in the _Convergent Series_collection.

  3. Stevo Darkly // October 24, 2012 at 2:58 am //

    You can also read the story here (but it looks like you have to pay to download it or print it):


    (I’m assuming that site is legal. Feel free to delete this comment if you have any doubts.)

  4. Beaten to the punch. It’s Wrong Way Street, Niven.

  5. I found it and am reading it now. Thanks folks

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