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Cover, Synopsis & Trailer for David Herter’s “October Dark”

From acclaimed author David Herter comes an epic novel in the tradition of Ray Bradbury’s SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES and Tim Powers’s LAST CALL….

Halloween, 1931. The metropolis of Grenton. On the ruined canals, a clock tolls midnight. Willis H. O’Brien, the father of stop motion animation, seeks a dark miracle. And Henri Mordaunt, the undying Phantasmagoria magician, will soon provide it. An uncanny bargain is struck, leading to betrayal and dire retribution, and an act of cinematic alchemy that echoes down the history of fantastic film.

Halloween, 1977. For thirteen-year-old Will and his best friend Jim—amateur stop-motion animators and Famous Monsters of Filmland fanatics—summer darkens into mysterious autumn. A black balloon prowls theskies of their suburban neighborhood, strange portents appear on the midnight monster movie show, and their lifeless armatures twitch to uncanny life, long after midnight. Everything will lead them to a reclusive magician – once an acolyte of Willis O’Brien’s – who wrought a curse in the frames of an unseen, unseeable film named Dark Carnival. And everything is destined to end on Grenton’s ruined canals, at the faded cinema palace where STAR WARS has been showing non-stop since late May, a gateway into the mysteries of Grenton’s past, and a secret history playing out on either side of the silver screen….

Fully revised by the author, with new or expanded scenes, OCTOBER DARK is now available for Kindle and Nook in a deluxe E-book edition.

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