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Daily Science Fiction Roster of Stories for November 2012

Daily Science Fiction has announced its November 2012 line-up of free stories:

  • November 1: “The Tides” by Ken Liu
  • November 2: “Ansa and the Lost Thing” by Sophie Wereley
  • November 5: “Early Draft of Talking Points for the Sixth Emergency Broadcast with Editorial Suggestions by the Office’s Unpaid Interns Bob and Isabelle” by Helena Bell
  • November 6: “Since You Seem to Need a Certain Amount of Guidance” by Alexander Jablokov
  • November 7: “Old Flames” by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley
  • November 8: “Nevermore” by Renee Carter Hall
  • November 9: This Place From Which All Roads Go” by Jennifer Mason-Black
  • November 12: “Speed of Love” by Debs Walker
  • November 13: “This Is Your Problem Right Here” by David Steffen
  • November 14: “The Most Important Man in the Universe” by Joseph Zieja
  • November 15: “The Trap” by Steven Kahn
  • November 16: “The Dying Season” by Gwendolyn Clare
  • November 19: “‘You’re Heads,’ She Says. ‘You’re Tails.'” by M. Bennardo
  • November 20: “The Key to Everything” by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
  • November 21: “Homo Homarus” by Ellen Denham
  • November 22: “The Safe Road” by Caroline M. Yoachim
  • November 23: “A Wizard of the Roads” by Therese Arkenberg
  • November 26: “Shattered Amber” by Mari Ness
  • November 27: “The Show Must” by Matt London
  • November 28: “MiracleMech” by Tim Deans
  • November 29: “Live-Tweeting the Apocalypse” by Ian Creasey
  • November 30: “Under a Sky of Knives” by Michelle Muenzler
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