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[EXCLUSIVE AUDIO] Live at WorldCon 2012: Hugh Howey Reads From His Story “The Walk Up Nameless Ridge”

Hugh Howey is as kind as he is a talented writer, and this live reading of The Walk Up Nameless Ridge will prove that I mean that as a compliment. Recorded from his reading at ChiCon7, this story is a Science Fiction adventure inspired by his ride to the top of publishing. Instead of Kindle charts, his unnamed narrator is striving to be the first to summit a 60,000 foot mountain on a distant planet. “The Walk…” has made it to #7 on the Kindle Singles chart. Now, let’s see how far our narrator makes it.

I loved getting the chance to meet Hugh in person at ChiCon7, and it is my pleasure to share with you his reading of this awesome tale. He ran out of time, so the last few minutes were recorded via Skype. Thanks to Hugh for always making time for his fans, and for turning off his fans on a hot Florida evening so that we could get a great recording of the end to his story. Cheers, bro.

If you haven’t heard of Hugh Howey, his post-apocalyptic tale of survival in a silo, Wool, recently won The Kindle Book Review Best Indie Book of 2012. You can get the first part of Wool for free on Amazon. Random House UK struck a deal and is set to release the newest version of Wool Omnibus, January 17, 2013. The movie rights have been optioned to 20th Century Fox, with Ridley Scott as director. Hugh is still indie publishing in the U.S., shuffling people over the edge with his latest release, I, Zombie. The next installment in his Shift series (Wool part 7) is set to release December, 2012.

Listen to Hugh reading The Walk Up Nameless Ridge live at WorldCon 2012 after the jump.

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2 Comments on [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO] Live at WorldCon 2012: Hugh Howey Reads From His Story “The Walk Up Nameless Ridge”

  1. That was an awesome reading! Cool story too. I don’t want to finish the Wool books, currently reading book 5, because I’m enjoying them so much and they’re so good – but at the same time I look forward to reading ALL of Hugh’s stuff because he was such an awesome way of having great simple prose that doesn’t get in the way and tells a great story, but he also peppers in more poetic prose – the kind I love that beautifully describe things or ideas. I really look forward to the latest Wool book, 6, to learn of the genesis of the silos. I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s about. Anyways – awesome reading and story, and I’m so glad I discovered Hugh – I can’t wait to read all his work and I’m glad he’s young and healthy so he can crank out many many more stories for us to enjoy!

  2. Glad that you enjoyed it, Dan. Yeah, I’m a big fan of Hugh’s as well. I’m waiting for Wool 8 or whatever finishes the next set of books so I can devour them without waiting.

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