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Free SF, Fantasy and Horror Fiction for 10/24/2012

What’s special about this week’s free fiction?

  1. Eclipse Online posts its second story, “One Little Room an Everywhere” by K.J. Parker (Thanks to Old Miser for the link!)
  2. Another apparition for Tor’s Ghost Week: “Too Fond” by Leanna Renee Hieber
  3. James Patrick Kelly thrills the online world (sans webcam in the shower) by reading Part One of “Lovestory”



Audio – Serialized

  • @Author’s Site: Lovestory by James Patrick Kelly – Part One [Science Fiction]

Free eBooks (at time of listing)

Novel Excerpts



Have suggestions for Free Fiction? Please let me know.

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2 Comments on Free SF, Fantasy and Horror Fiction for 10/24/2012

  1. The link to “The Chosen One” is broken.

    • Thanks once again OM. Link fixed. [Nerdpeak] It was just missing the “http://” in front of it, so the web browser thought it was a relative URL. [/Nerdpeak]

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