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[GUEST POST] Bryan Thomas Schmidt on “Unfettered” – A Special Anthology to Help Shawn Speakman

If you could get a new Wheel Of Time short by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, new stories from Shannara, Word/Void, Riyria, Demon Cycle, Vault of Heaven, Temeraire, Broken Empire, and more all in one collection, what would you say?

Well, if you haven’t heard of Shawn Speakman, perhaps you’ve heard of his website: The Signed Page where he makes available signed copies of new releases for fans who can’t make it to events where their favorite author appears in person. Or maybe you know him from, the Random House speculative fiction blog where he’s a regular contributor or from the websites he runs for authors like Terry Brooks and Naomi Novik.

What you may not know is that Shawn suffers from Hodgkins lymphoma. Diagnosed in 2011 and without health insurance, his treatment has left him with thousands in medical bills. Faced with filing bankruptcy, Shawn sought another way out. A way he could make it through without dealing with the 10 year nightmare a filing would bring. Then his friend Terry Brooks offered him a short story Shawn could sell to help alleviate those bills and an idea came to his head. What if he did an anthology from some of the many author friends he’d made over the past few years from both Suvudu, The Signed Page and his other activities?

Soon Brooks had been joined by an incredible list of names and the result is a collection called Unfettered. Preorders for Unfettered start today. And you can help support Shawn and get some incredible, one of a kind stories, in the process. This includes all of the stories mentioned above, none of them ever available before and many more from 23 authors offering stories from some legendary franchises. All of them are gathered together in a special edition ebook and print, including leatherbound signed collector’s editions signed by all of the authors. The books will be available in early 2013. But you can order now. Paper print prices range from $35 to $150 for the signed editions. Ebooks will be $12.99.

Here’s the complete TOC for Unfettered:

  • “The Shade of Allanon” by Terry Brooks (a Shannara tale)
  • “Imaginary Friends” by Terry Brooks (a precursor to the Word/Void trilogy)
  • “How Old Holly Came To Be” by Patrick Rothfuss
  • “River of Souls” by Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson (a Wheel of Time tale)
  • “The Old Scale Game” by Tad Williams
  • “Martyr of the Roses” by Jacqueline Carey (a precursor to the Kushiel series)
  • “Dogs” by Daniel Abraham
  • “Mudboy” by Peter V. Brett (a Demon Cycle tale)
  • “Nocturne” by Robert V. S. Redick
  • “Untitled” by Peter Orullian (a Vault of Heaven tale)
  • “Untitled” by Geno & R.A. Salvatore
  • “Keeper of Memory” by Todd Lockwood (a Summer Dragon tale)
  • “Game of Chance” by Carrie Vaughn
  • “The Lasting Doubts of Joaquin Lopez” by Blake Charlton
  • “The Chapel Perilous” by Kevin Hearne (an Iron Druid tale)
  • “Select Mode” by Mark Lawrence (a Broken Empire tale)
  • “All the Girls Love Michael Stein” by David Anthony Durham
  • “Strange Rain” by Jennifer Bosworth (an “Struck” epilogue tale)
  • “Unbowed” by Eldon Thompson (a Legend of Asahiel tale)
  • “Untitled” by Naomi Novik (a Temeraire tale)
  • “The Jester” by Michael J. Sullivan (a Riyria Chronicles tale)
  • “The Duel” by Lev Grossman (a Magicians tale)
  • “The Unfettered Knight” by Shawn Speakman (an Annwn Cycle tale)

Available in both a leather-bound Signed & Numbered 1st edition/1st printing edition limited to 500 copies and signed by all contributors. It is $150.00. Those who purchased the Signed & Numbered edition of The Dark Thorn have the initial right to purchase the same number of the Signed & Numbered edition of Unfettered. The collection is also available in a 1st edition/1st printing trade hardcover that is unsigned and is $30.00. The text for both editions of Unfettered is the same. An ebook version is also available.

Ordering details and more information can be found at the project’s website.

About Bryan Thomas Schmidt (68 Articles)
Bryan Thomas Schmidt is an author and Hugo-nominated editor of adult and children's speculative fiction. His debut novel, THE WORKER PRINCE received Honorable Mention on Barnes & Noble Book Club's Year's Best Science Fiction Releases. His short stories have appeared in magazines, anthologies and online. As book editor he is the main editor for Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta's WordFire Press where he has edited books by such luminaries as Alan Dean Foster, Tracy Hickman, Frank Herbert, Mike Resnick, Jean Rabe and more. He was also the first editor on Andy Weir's bestseller THE MARTIAN. His anthologies as editor include SHATTERED SHIELDS with co-editor Jennifer Brozek and MISSION: TOMORROW, GALACTIC GAMES (forthcoming) and LITTLE GREEN MEN--ATTACK! (forthcoming) all for Baen, SPACE BATTLES: FULL THROTTLE SPACE TALES #6, BEYOND THE SUN and RAYGUN CHRONICLES: SPACE OPERA FOR A NEW AGE. He is also coediting anthologies with Larry Correia and Jonathan Maberry set in their New York Times Bestselling Monster Hunter and Joe Ledger universes. From December 2010 to June 2015, he hosted #sffwrtcht (Science Fiction & Fantasy Writer's Chat) Wednesdays at 9 pm ET on Twitter as @SFFWRTCHT.

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  1. Great book, fantastic cause. I will definitely be ordering a copy.

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