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[GUEST POST] Jules Sherred on: 6 Must Have Star Trek Accessories

Jules Sherred does way more than should be legal. Most notably, she is the General Manager and Programming Director of The Look 24/7, host of the Geeky Pleasures Radio Show and the offshoot website, Geeky Pleasures, and core contributor to Wired’s GeekMom. She’s already written two non-fiction books — From The Mundane To The Insane: A Wonderful Journey Without A Destination and Tales Of A Lupus Butterfly — the partial proceeds of which go to lupus research and treatment, is working on another book called Nerd Love, and is beyond excited that Five Little Zombies And Fred is now a real thing for people to hold, read, and love. You can follow her on Twitter @GeekyJules. Also, SHE LOVES STAR TREK.

Are you a Star Trek fan? I am. FANATIC! I want to have ALL THE STAR TREK THINGS. Well, I want most of the Star Trek things. There are a couple Star Trek inspired pieces of jewelry that I really wish did not exist. But, I digress. ALL THE STAR TREK THINGS is quite a lot. I have a good number of them, strewn throughout my living quarters.

If I were to recommend only six things all Star Trek fans must own, I make the following recommendations based on portability around the house, ease of allowing you to place yourself within the Star Trek reality, and/or the ability to show off your love of Star Trek, without having to leave the house with pointy ears, or painting your skin blue and affixing antennae to your forehead. Of course, you could easily leave the house wearing a Command Gold or Science Blue shirt– never leave the house in a red shirt — and black slacks, but the following six items add a level of fun to your daily routine.

1) Star Trek Tyvek Mighty Wallet

These wallets are amazing. Made from recycled materials, they are tear-resistant and nearly indestructible. If that wasn’t amazing enough, there are a number of Star Trek wallets from which to choose. My favourite and the one I own: Star Trek Communicator!

When making a purchase, it is all I can do to not squee out loud when I whip out my communicator wallet, and flip it open, as if it were a real communicator, my brain making the communicator noise from Star Trek: The Original Series. It makes shopping, something I am loathe to do, almost bearable. One day, I plan to hack the wallet so that it does make the noise when I flip it open.

2) LCARS for iDevices

I have two LCARS apps installed on my iPhone 4, and 3rd generation iPad.

The first one is 6 LCARS by Dei Machiavelli.

The app doesn’t do much outside of display animated LCARS on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. It also includes Easter eggs for those who like to look for those sorts of things. However, it is adds a nice bit of portable ambiance to any room. I like to place my iPad beside my laptop, with the LCARS app running. It allows me to believe, with greater accuracy, that I’m the captain of the starship Enterprise, busily working in my ready room, preparing for some important and exciting, perhaps perilous, mission, instead of the monotony that can be my daily routine.

The second one is LCARS Internet Media Reader by Krueger Systems, Inc.

Before iOS 6, this was a great app to use as an RSS reader, for Twitter, surfing the Internet, and so much more. Now, since the update to iOS 6, I cannot open it on either of my devices, without it instantly crashing. So why am I mentioning it? Because, if they again fix this app and update it for the new version of iOS, then it will, once again, be one of my favourite apps on which to do my daily Internet things.

3) Star Trek PADD for iPad

The Star Trek PADD by CBS Interactive is an amazing app for the iPad.

It is a massive database of pretty much every thing you ever wanted to know about Star Trek. Modeled after the LCARS interface, first introduced with Star Trek: The Next Generation, with all the sounds you’d expect to hear on-board a starship, including Majel Barrett’s lovely voice as the ship’s computer. If you really want to feel you are on-board one of Starfleet’s many ships, interacting with its environment, then you must have this app.

4) Communicator Ringtone

The ringtone that gets the most action on my iPhone is the Star Trek Communicator from The Original Series Sound Effect Tone by Fun Ringtones. It is the ringtone I have attached to my partner for text messages. That is not the only Star Trek ringtone you can purchase from the iTunes music store.

If you do not have an iPhone, there are a variety of Star Trek ringtones for you to purchase from both Google Play and Amazon. However, I haven’t been able to find one that has a good review.

I don’t think I need to say why having this tone on your phone is a must have. But I do think it is important to make mention of all the wonderful looks people will give when you are in public, someone sends you a text message, and the sound of the original Star Trek communicator is heard. When it doesn’t lead to conversations, it leads to bewildered people, wandering around with a confused smile on their face, trying to locate the source of the noise, all while thinking someone is playing some hidden camera practical joke. It is so fun to watch!

5) Star Trek Starfleet iPhone 4/4s Case

Dress your iPhone 4 in your favourite Star Trek: The Original Series department. Available at ThinkGeek, the Star Trek Starfleet iPhone 4 case is another easy way to carry a piece of Star Trek with you, wherever you go. My iPhone is wearing a Science Blue cover. You could also choose Science Blue, or you may prefer Command Gold, Engineering Red, or Mirror Universe Mirror-y Chrome.

I will tell you that the Science Blue case is a little bit transparent. Apple’s logo, and other details on the back of the iPhone 4 are visible through the cover, as is apparent in the image. But, as much as I am loathe to shop, I am also loathe to own a telephone. Having my telephone dressed in a Science Blue case, with Star Trek science emblem, with the added fun of the communicator ringtone, almost make taking my phone with me bearable.

6) Star Trek Bathrobe

Unless you want to get the same sort of looks you’d receive by leaving the house with your body painted blue and antennae affixed to your forehead, unless you were at a convention, I don’t recommend taking the following with you when you leave the house. Unlike the first five items, the following item is only optimized for portability around your living quarters.

It is the Star Trek Bathrobe, available at ThinkGeek. Like the iPhone case, it is available in Command Gold, Science Blue, and Engineering Red. It also available in lightweight microfleece, with shorter hem in Uhura style, for the ladies who do not appreciate a nice, long, one-size fits most, comfortable cotton.

Would it surprise you to know that I own it, as well as the Star Trek towel, in Science Blue?

For the days that you want to really immerse yourself into the Star Trek universe, I recommend you curl up in a comfortable chair, or on your couch, while wearing your bathrobe backwards, and using the PADD app on your iPad. Then, you will be rocking it Doctor Beverly Crusher style, a la 1987, in Lonely Among Us.


If it not enough for you to have a Star Trek iPhone case, with communicator tone, and communicator wallet, then why not transform that toy communicator you have into a working telephone?

Also, I strongly recommend you decorate your living quarters with actual LCARS, beautifully crafted by LCARS Studio. I have the 200cm x 75cm (79×30”) version of the sexiest starship ever to exist: Enterprise E.

Even if I had not received it as a gift from LCARS Studio, I would be loudly telling you that you must purchase any one of the LCARS that are available. Or, if you prefer, the drawings from Captain Archer’s ready room.

The detailing on these images are spectacular. They are printed on high-quality, fade resistant, paper. You can also back-light the LCARS that are sized medium and large. The XXL LCARS – the one I have – is not printed on the same type of paper, and therefor, cannot be back-lit.

If you enter the coupon code JULIASHERRED at checkout, you will save 10%.

What are your favourite portable Star Trek accessories?

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  1. thanks, Jules.

    I had a bizarre idea based on your post–the idea that in the ST universe, some wealthy declasse women might view tribbles as some do small dogs, here–as a fashion accessory pet.

    Not sure I could write a ST novel based on that idea though.

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