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SF Crossing the Gulf (Episode 06): Discussion of Mary Doria Russell’s “The Sparrow”

This week the two Karens squee mightily about 1998’s The Sparrow–and then get down to the nitty gritty of characterization, structure, theology, colonialism and intricate detail. The Sparrow is a novel rich in detail, as evidenced by this being our longest podcast yet. But like the novel, it is packed with speculation and revelation.


Next episode will feature our discussion of Ghosts by Curdella Forbes.

About Karen Burnham (82 Articles)
Karen is vocationally an engineer and avocationally a sf/f reviewer and critic. She has worked on the Orion and Dream Chaser spacecraft and written for SFSignal, Strange Horizons, and Locus Magazine.

6 Comments on SF Crossing the Gulf (Episode 06): Discussion of Mary Doria Russell’s “The Sparrow”

  1. So when is Crossing the Gulf going to get a proper Itunes feed?

  2. Most cool! I’ve had this on my shelf for a couple years now, and am not sure when I’ll get to read it. My hope was this November, though work threatens my reading time. I’m downloading this podcast to listen to after I finish it.

  3. I’m about halfway into this episode and it’s fabulous as usual to hear the Karens discuss with such erudition.

    There are some distracting sound quality issues this time around, though. At least for the copy I downloaded I’m only getting audio in the left channel (with just some very dim echo in the right), and Ms. Burnham is frequently nearly inaudible and seems to be clipped whenever Ms. Lord’s mic is live.

    Again, the content is awesome, just the production values need some improvement.

    Thanks for letting me listen in.

  4. I can still hear Karen Lord’s bats. Good show though.

  5. Hello all! I want to offer my apologies for the sound quality. I was in the middle of moving, so recorded on my laptop instead of my normal desktop setting. For some reason my laptop ended up recording in mono (hence only the left channel on headphones) instead of stereo, and it took some fancy panicked editing to get anything salvageable out of it at all. Rest assured that for the next episode I’m back to my desktop, and our sound quality should be back to normal. Thanks for sticking with us!

  6. I don’t really hear Karen’s bats, it’s the other Karen’s squeaky chair.

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