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TOC: ‘Nothing As It Seems’ by Tim Lebbon

PS Publishing has posted the table of contents for Tim Lebbon’s collection Nothing As It Seems:

Here’s the book description:

An old woman mourning her dead husband builds something in the woods, and rain gives it life . . . A Nazi seeks gold with which to flee the fall of Berlin, and finds it in the most unlikely place . . . On the mysterious continent of Noreela, a Violet Dog returns from myth to seek its own brand of vengeance . . . In a land devastated by famine, survivors are meat . . . A dying criminal seeks the one good thing he has ever known . . . A boy mourns his dead mother, and seeks a way to bring his living father back to him . . . Tim Lebbon’s short stories and novellas have won several major awards and been included in many year’s best anthologies, as well as The Best of Best New Horror and Century’s Best Horror. In this, his most accomplished collection to date, nothing is quite as it seems.

Here’s the table of contents…

  1. “Discovering Ghosts”
  2. “The God of Rain”
  3. “Bleeding Things”
  4. “Falling off the World”
  5. “Making Room”
  6. “Chanting the Violet Dog Down”
  7. “Meat”
  8. “The Galss Road”
  9. “In the Valley, Where Belladonna Grows”
  10. “The Flames Beneath the Light”
  11. “Slaughterhouse Blues”
  12. “Into the Trees”
  13. “Just Breathe”
  14. “The Reach of Children”

Book info as per PS Publishing:
TITLE: Nothing As It Seems
AUTHOR: Tim Lebbon
PUBLICATION DATE: September 2012
EDITION: Hardcover
COVER ART: Caniglia
ISBN: 978-1-848634-89-3 (unsigned, £19.99)
ISBN: 978-1-848634-90-9 (100 signed, £39.99)

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