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A Letter From Harry Dresden

Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden is a wizard who works as a private investigator in Chicago, IL. (He’s in the phone book, the only listing under “Wizards”). Harry deals primarily with paranormal crimes and acts as a consultant for the Chicago Police Department, which helps to pay the bills. Malcolm Dresden, a stage magician and Harry’s dad, died of a brain aneurysm when Harry was just six years old. His mother, Margaret Gwendolyn LeFey, also deceased, was a wizard herself, and had another child, Thomas, who just happens to be a White Court vampire.  Family drama, right?  Harry spent some years as a ward of the state before being adopted at ten by Justin DuMorne, a former Warden of the White Council who turned renegade and became a dark mage. Justin later tried to enthrall Harry (and Harry’s girlfriend and first love Elaine) as his slave(s), but Harry fought back and in the process killed Justin (He also believed Elaine to be dead until he discovered her alive many years later). Harry was then entrusted to the care of Ebenezar McCoy, who mentored Harry and helped keep him out of trouble, until Harry was old enough to support himself. At which point he got into trouble.  Lots of trouble.  Harry has a daughter, Margaret “Maggie” Angelica, a student/apprentice, Molly Carpenter, a cat named Mister, a magical Tibetan dog named Mouse, a spirit of knowledge named Bob who lives in a skull and has an unhealthy obsession with spicy romance novels, and a complicated relationship with his friend Karrin Murphy.

Harry asked us to post this letter to his readers…


A Letter From Harry Dresden

Dear Reader,

The first thing you need to know about these so-called “Dresden Files” is that they are not my whole life. I mean, if you read them that way, I look like some kind of psychotic vigilante. Even to me. These things are… accurate, more or less, but come on. They’re not my whole life. They just kind of look at the worst weekend of my freaking year–and it’s not like that’s my whole life. Most weekends I’m just kind of hanging out, reading. Sometimes I hit the drive-in movies when the weather is nice. I go grocery shopping. I do my laundry. I eat frozen pizzas. The whole monsters and demons and faeries thing is like the smallest part of my life. Well, okay. Not the smallest part, but not all of it either.

Well. Except for lately. I mean there was the whole Winter Knight thing with the Queen of Air and Darkness. And there was kind of a big throw-down with the Red Court recently, which they did not walk away from. And these freaking angels keep sticking their nose into my beeswax, and I was mostly-dead for a while, recently. And there hasn’t been much of a break from the crazy, the past couple of years. And there’s this secret island in the middle of Lake Michigan that doesn’t like people to know about it, and the whole thing with the daughter I didn’t know I had.

God, I’m starting to sound like one of those hapless losers on the Larry Fowler Show.

But all that aside, on the whole, I’m a pretty simple guy. My life is kind of boring. I work, pay my bills, do my taxes (which, by the way, being mostly-dead does /not/ get you out of), and play tabletop games with my friends. The whole wizard thing is just a job.

Except, I guess, for that one weekend every year.

That gets kind of crazy.


4 Comments on A Letter From Harry Dresden

  1. Poor Harry. Winter Knight would be a boon and a signal honor, usually. Usually.

    Now, though, my Dresden Files RPG book is out of date!!

  2. Clearly, I’m behind on my Dresden Files reading by one book. Well… one and a half, considering there’s a new one coming. I need to get busy.

  3. I assume Harry took a magic chocolate to get back from being mostly-dead.

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