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Daily Science Fiction Roster of Stories for December 2012

Daily Science Fiction has announced its December 2012 line-up of free stories:

  • December 3:: “A Last Resort” by Phil Temples
  • December 4: “The Merger” by Michael Adam Robson
  • December 5: “The Refugee” by Meg Everingham
  • December 6: “The Little Helper” by Kat Otis
  • December 7: “Seashells” by Lavie Tidhar
  • December 10: “The Dead Letter Office” by Matthew Marinett
  • December 11: “He Could Be Ambrose Bierce” by Shaenon Kelty Garrity
  • December 12: “The Cries of the Dead and Dying” by Sarah Goslee
  • December 13: “The Subatomic Fiber-Optic Deconstruction/Construction Transportation Chamber” by Dylan Otto Krider
  • December 14: “So Far Faithful” by Sarah Kanning
  • December 17: “The Hades Hotline” by Alex Petri
  • December 18: “Ivy Rose” by Dan Hart
  • December 19: “In the White of the Snow” by Mark Patrick Lynch
  • December 20: “Life in Space” by Leslie Jane Anderson
  • December 21: “Death Before Dishonor” by Shannon Leight
  • December 24: “The Race” by Sadie Mattox
  • December 25: “Tiny Lives” by Alan Baxter
  • December 26: “Salvage” by Kara Dearsley
  • December 27: “The Miracle on Tau Prime” by Alex Shvartsman
  • December 28: “When She Is Empty” by Damien Walters Grintalis
  • December 31: “Unwanted” by Holly Jennings
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