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Friday YouTube: Flash Gordon Plays Football

I only have the vaguest of memories of the campy Flash Gordon film from 1980, but I do recall not liking it very much. I think the intentional camp was lost on me at the time. Perhaps I should give it another go? I mean, Max von Sydow as Ming the Merciless? How bad could it be?


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4 Comments on Friday YouTube: Flash Gordon Plays Football

  1. Yeah, I tried to give it a re-watch recently… only lasted 17 minutes.
    But have you seen the Seth McFarlane movie, “TED”? The whole running theme about their mutual obsession with this movie had me laughing so hard I just about horked up a piece of lung!

  2. I disagree, John (and Chris)

    I think the sheer audacity of this movie allows me to still enjoy it. And the “football fight” song is on one of my workout mix.

  3. Any movie with Brian Blessed has to get a bit of a pass, particularly if he’s got wings!

    Sure, it’s fantastically bad. But there is something fantastic about it.

  4. It’s so bad it’s good, in one of those truly awful, over the top, supremely ridiculous ways. I say give it another watch.

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