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Watch Max Fleischer’s Superman

If you cruise on over to the Warner Bros. YouTube channel, you’ll see that they have posted some videos of the Max Fleischer Superman cartoon episodes. Fleischer is a pioneer of the animated cartoon industry and these cartoons have a certain charm to them, don’t they?

Here’s the first episode, simply titled “Superman”…

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4 Comments on Watch Max Fleischer’s Superman

  1. we have all of these on dvd. my husband is a huge fan. we had them on vhs when the kids were little, and they loved them, too. some of them were good examples as we explained the word “propaganda” when the kids got older

  2. p.s. is there a way to subscribe to a comment thread? i subscribe to your post feed through google reader but don’t know how to subscribe to a comment thread on individual posts. thx

  3. p.p.s. well, of course, _now_ i see it. *sigh* never mind. lol

  4. Although I wasn’t born until the early 60’s I actually got to watch some of these on a big theater screen when I was a kid. My dad was a 30 year man in the army and back in the early 70’s we were stationed at a U.S. Army base in West Germany. Every Saturday afternoon before the main feature the base theater would run a bunch of vintage cartoons as well as 2 or 3 chapters from various movie serials and the Superman cartoons were among some of the great stuff that they would screen. Needles to say watching these in technicolor on a thirty foot high screen is an experience that can’t be beat.

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