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BOOK TRAILER: “Henry and the Incredibly Incorrigible, Inconveniently Intelligent Smart Human” by L.A. Messina

The new novel Henry and the Incredibly Incorrigible, Inconveniently Intelligent Smart Human by L A Messina comes with a nifty book trailer.

Here’s the synopsis:

Henry Jacobson, a robot in the 13th upgrade, can’t process the data. Sure, humans can follow simple instructions to sweep floors and do other menial tasks that robots don’t want to do, but they can’t do anything complicated. Humans are just simple gadgets invented to make the lives of robots easier. Then his dad’s boss gives them a HueManTech ETC-420- GX-2 and Henry’s life is turned upside down. This human unit is like no other. It can read, play video games and, it seems to Henry, think for itself. In fact, the more time Henry spends with the ETC, the more the gadget seems less like a human unit and more like a full-fledged robot with thoughts and feelings. But that’s not possible. Is it? And if the ETC really is as smart as it seems, Henry can’t help but wonder: Is the human just the next-generation technology or a secret government weapon that will ultimately destroy them all?

And here’s the trailer

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