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Free SF, Fantasy and Horror Fiction for 12/11/2012

So coming down from my five-day birthday celebration, which isn’t yet an official holiday in Canada, The United States, or even North Korea, I’ve stolen links from Dave Tackett and you know I’m going to blame it on the hangover…

What’s special about today’s free fiction?

  1. Paul McAuley has some new short stories set in the same universe. Two today, more to come…
  2. Matt Phillips has a science fiction novel that’s a little… strange: The Truth about Sharks and Pigeons
  3. Lavie Tidhar is handing us his novelette, Strigoi, for free! Like, completely free! Grab it before he realizes his grave mistake.


Written – Serialized

  • @Legend of the Five Rings: Scions of the Colonies by Shawn Carman – Part 1 [Fantasy]
  • @Paizo: Thieves Vinegar by Kevin Andrew Murphy – Chapter One: The Old Quay [Fantasy]
  • @Strange Horizons: “America Thief” by Alter S. Reiss – Part 2 of 2 [Fantasy]
  • @Author’s Site: Jaydium by Deborah J. Ross writing as Deborah Wheeler – Chapter 23 [ Fantasy]
  • @Author’s Site: Trustby David Moody: [“Anti-” Science Fiction]


Audio – Serialized

Free eBooks (at time of listing)

Free Audiobooks

  • @LibriVox:
    • Tanks by Murray Leinster [Science Fiction Novella – from 1930]

Novel Excerpts

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