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Tell Us About Your Favorite Genre Comics

Day 5 0f my totally stealing this idea from both John Scalzi and Chuck Wendig, and changing it up a little for SF Signal.

I want to know which genre comics out there you like and why.  They can be comics on the web or in print – doesn’t matter.  Tell us about them.  Leave your thoughts in the comments, along with a link to their website (I suggest 1 per comment if you don’t want the moderation bot to hold you in purgatory).  I plan to do something with these for the SF Signal podcast, so pile on people, and promote those comics!

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9 Comments on Tell Us About Your Favorite Genre Comics

  1. Locke & Key by Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez. Absolutely awesome!

  2. Earth 2 by James Robinson, Nicola Scott, and Trevor Scott. Just wow.

  3. Girl Genius, Schlock Mercenary, Red’s Planet, Servants of the Imperium, Questionable Content (really), Freefall, Darths & Droids, Legostar Galactica, Moon Town (it’s back, baby!), Sinfest, Sequential Art, Skullkickers, Sluggy Freelance, Tranquility Base, XKCD, Abstuse Goose, Amya, Gaia, Everblue, Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell, Order of the Stick, Lady Sabre, MegaTokyo, Galaxion, Real Life Comics, Subnormality, The Meek, Unspeakable Vault, Ye-Olde Lego Time Theater, Zap.

  4. Lady Sabre & The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether ( Alternate history steampunk lady pirate adventure by Rick Burchett and Greg Rucka, free online. Great stuff.
    And can I self-servingly mention Bruno the Bandit ( Sadly discontinued, but still one of the best sword & sorcery parodies out there.

  5. Too many to list, so just to pick an awesome few:

    Comics currently being published (more or less currently, anyway): Locke & Key, Saga, Finder, (those first three would probably just about get my votes for favourite current sf/f comics), Elephantmen, Godland, RASL, B.P.R.D.

    Older comics (don’t know if you want these, but here’s a few anyway): Pluto (the manga, not the Disney dog!?), Judge Dredd (1970s-80s vintage), All-Star Superman, Dalgoda, Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing, Starstruck, almost anything illustrated by Moebius (e.g. Airtight Garage if I have to pick something specific), Adventures of Luther Arkwright, Daredevil: Born Again, Batman: Year One, Watchmen.

    Couple of webcomics for luck: Lady Sabre & the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether, The Abominable Charles Christopher

  6. Tim Morris // December 21, 2012 at 9:12 am //

    Quantum Vibe, Girl Genius, Schlock Mercenary

  7. SAGA by Vaughan and Staples may be the best comic book on the shelves right now. Exploding with imagination in concept and in art.

    FABLES by Bill Willingham is a perennial favorite, as well.

  8. I like Wolverine and the X-men lately. But only if Nick Bradshaw is the artist. It seems to affect the plot too… Usually very colorful and sfnal.

  9. Girl Genius, and recently hubby got me hooked on Order of the Stick.

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