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Today at the Kirkus Reviews Blog: Warhammer 40K in a Nutshell!

After years of dragging my feet, I finally plunged into the Warhammer 40K universe with a read of Dan Abnett’s Eisenhorn trilogy. I was quite impressed, not only by this specific volume, but by the breadth and depth of the WH40K universe…so much so, that I did a little digging to learn some more.

Today at the Kirkus Reviews Blog, I share the fruit of my research with a look at this fascinating universe.

Head on over to the Kirkus Reviews Blog and check out Warhammer 40K in a Nutshell

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John DeNardo is the Managing Editor at SF Signal and a columnist at Kirkus Reviews. He also likes bagels. So there.

5 Comments on Today at the Kirkus Reviews Blog: Warhammer 40K in a Nutshell!

  1. Compelling overview John! That Eisenhorn trilogy is looking more and more tempting all the time.

  2. Jerry Gaiser // December 26, 2012 at 8:21 pm //

    If you’re reading ebooks, Amazon doesn’t have them available. The good news is that Black Library does. I just picked up the ebook bundle that includes the books from the Eisenhorn trilogy and the Ravenor omnibus.

  3. I believe it was SfSignal a few years back that provided the link to some free Warhammer ebooks. Though a couple of them were average, the Gaunt’s Ghosts and Grey Knights books were very good. Luckily I found a lot of Dan Abnett’s books at a local used book store. Let’s just say there aren’t any there anymore.

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