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[UPDATED] TOC & Cover: ‘Resurrection Engines’ Edited by Scott Harrison

Editor Scott Harrison has sent along an updated table of contents and cover image for his upcoming anthology Resurrection Engines: 15 Extraordinary Tales of Scientific Romance, being published by Snowbooks.

Here’s the book description:

Resurrection Engines is an anthology of Steampunk and Alternate Timeline ‘retellings’ and ‘reimagining’s’ of classic fiction tales (Edgar Allen Poe, Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythology, Moby Dick, Charles Dickens, Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, etc) from some of today’s finest Steampunk writers.

And here’s the table of contents with each author’s chosen classic or author.

  1. “The Soul-Eaters of Raveloe” by Alison Littlewood (Silas Marner)
  2. “A Journey To The Centre Of The Moon” by Alan K. Baker (Journey to the Centre of the Earth)
  3. “She-Who-Thinks-For-Herself” by Juliet E. McKenna (H. Rider Haggard)
  4. “The Great Steam Time Machine” by Brian Herbert & Bruce Taylor (H.G. Wells)
  5. “Silver Selene” by Philip Palmer (Wilkie Collins)
  6. “White Fangoria” by Roland Moore (White Fang)
  7. “The God Of All Machines” by Scott Harrison (Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde)
  8. “The Crime Of The Ancient Mariner” by Adam Roberts (Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner)
  9. “There Leviathan” by Jonathan Green (Moby Dick)
  10. “The Island Of Peter Pandora” by Kim Lakin-Smith (Peter Pan / The Island of Dr Moreau)
  11. “The Ghost Of Christmas Sideways” by Simon Bucher-Jones (A Christmas Carol)
  12. “Talented Witches” by Paul Magrs (Wuthering Heights)
  13. “Fairest Of Them All” by Cavan Scott (Snow White)
  14. “Tidewrack Medusa” by Rachel E. Pollock (Treasure Island)
  15. “Robin Hood And The Eater Of Worlds” by Jim Mortimore (Robin Hood)
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