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VIDEO: 1992’s X-Men Intro – In Stop Motion

Who doesn’t remember the awesomeness that was the 90’s X-Men animated series?  The folks behind this pretty nifty stop-motion animation version of the intro to that cartoon, that’s who!

Check it out after the jump!




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6 Comments on VIDEO: 1992’s X-Men Intro – In Stop Motion

  1. Two questions for you.

    I’m confused. So the people behind the video don’t remember the awesomeness?

    And, what video?

  2. FYI… The video is missing, and your grammar is backwards (unless the people who created this animation DON’T remember the original animated series).

  3. FYI…The problem with the disappearing YouTube videos is a bug with the new version of WordPress.

    WP strips out the IFRAME and ENBED code on all scheduled posts

  4. I think Nightcrawler bamf’ed the embed code.

  5. Got to admit, its low-tech clever.

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