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Book Trailer: “Shadow Ops: Fortress Frontier” by Myke Cole

Book trailers are a tough sell on readers, usually because most of them aren’t terribly inventive. This one, however, works. It’s for the latest book in Myke Cole’s supernatural/military Shadow Ops series, Fortress Frontier, described thusly:

The Great Reawakening did not come quietly. Across the country and in every nation, people began to develop terrifying powers–summoning storms, raising the dead, and setting everything they touch ablaze. Overnight the rules changed…but not for everyone.

Colonel Alan Bookbinder is an army bureaucrat whose worst war wound is a paper-cut. But after he develops magical powers, he is torn from everything he knows and thrown onto the front-lines.

Drafted into the Supernatural Operations Corps in a new and dangerous world, Bookbinder finds himself in command of Forward Operating Base Frontier–cut off, surrounded by monsters, and on the brink of being overrun.

Now, he must find the will to lead the people of FOB Frontier out of hell, even if the one hope of salvation lies in teaming up with the man whose own magical powers put the base in such grave danger in the first place–Oscar Britton, public enemy number one…

ANd here’s the tariler…

What do you think?

[via Pat's Fantasy Hotlist]

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2 Comments on Book Trailer: “Shadow Ops: Fortress Frontier” by Myke Cole

  1. Don’t be a Selfer, that’s what I think! 😉

  2. Good book trailers are rare. Unfortunately, this is nota good book trailer. Honestly I think that publishers should put their resources elsewhere if this is the sort of quality they are going to produce for trailers.

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