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Take the SF Signal Survey – Tell Us What You Think!

We’re always looking to improve the quality of SF Signal. To that end, we’d like to hear about your impressions for individual SF Signal features, as well as gather suggestions for improvements.

Take the SF Signal survey and let us know!

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John DeNardo is the Managing Editor at SF Signal and a columnist at Kirkus Reviews. He also likes bagels. So there.

9 Comments on Take the SF Signal Survey – Tell Us What You Think!

  1. Hi

    The link to fill in the survey does not seem to work.

    However comments in brief.

    SF Signal content great.
    Pages take ages to load (even with reasonable broadband)
    Opening links into a new page (keeping the SF Signal page open) would be a help as as page loading takes ages it discourages following up links.

    Advertising has been in the past a problem as it is blocked/ filtered out / impedes page loading when viewing the site from public facilities (libaraies and universities) with their internet protection measures. However the past couple of months have been better. (I view the site often from a couple of universities and local public library.)

  2. It worked for me earlier this morning.

    I too like it when links open into a new tab and almost exclusively right click on a post I want to read/comment on and choose “open in a new tab” so that I don’t have to navigate back through a bunch of posts to get back to where I was on the site.

    • Nope, still can’t access it.

      I don’t know whether it is a public library filter thing or because I am outside N. America.

      (But I can still access the rest of the site and make a comment (like this one).)

      Cheers for new tab suggestion. (Should have thought of it. (H. Simpson ‘doh’ moment.))

  3. Thanks for the feedback, folks.

    In the short term, it might help you to know that you can open up links in a new window by holding the CTL key when you click on a link, leaving the current window open.

  4. I filled out the survey but forgot to add that it’d be nice if you served punch and pie.

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