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TOC: ‘Rayguns Over Texas’ Edited by Rick Klaw

Editor Rick Klaw has posted the table of contents for his/ upcoming anthology Rayguns Over Texas, an anthology of original science fiction by TX authors, scheduled for release at LoneStarCon 3 (aka the 2013 Science Fiction Worldcon in San Antonio, TX):

  1. “Pet Rock” by Sanford Allen
  2. “Defenders of Beeman County” by Aaron Allston
  3. “TimeOut” by Neal Barret, Jr.
  4. “Babylon Moon” by Matthew Bey
  5. “Sovereign Wealth” by Chris N. Brown
  6. “La Bamba Boulevard” by Bradley Denton
  7. “The Atmosphere Man” by Nicky Drayden
  8. “Operators Are Standing By” by Rhonda Eudaly
  9. “Take a Left at the Cretaceous” by Mark Finn
  10. “Grey Goo and You” by Derek Austin Johnson
  11. “Rex” by Joe R. Lansdale
  12. “Texas Died for Somebody’s Sins But Not Mine” by Stina Leicht
  13. “Jump the Black” by Marshall Ryan Maresca
  14. “An Afternoon’s Nap, or; Five Hundred Years Ahead” by Aurelia Hadley Mohl
  15. “The Nostalgia Differential” by Michael Moorcock
  16. “Novel Properties of Certain Complex Alkaloids” by Lawrence Person
  17. “The Chambered Eye” by Jessica Reisman
  18. “Avoiding the Cold War” by Josh Rountree
  19. “The Art of Absence” by Don Webb
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