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Waylines Magazine Is Here!

Waylines Magazine is a bi-monthly, pro-paying fiction magazine of science fiction, fantasy, horror and “anything between.” Publishers David Rees-Thomas, a former managing editor at Ideomancer Magazine, and director/writer Darryl Knickrehm launched Waylines on January 1st after a successful Kickstarter campaign in November.

Issue One has an eclectic mix of short stories: an intriguing dark fantasy, Beth Cato’s An Echo in the Shell, about a teenaged girl dealing with her grandmother who has an affliction called Kafka Syndrome (a truly inspired idea!); a humorous tale, Jeremy Sim’s Fleep, about a pair of hotel owners who host a family of aliens; and a touching science fiction story, Grayson Bray Morris’s The Message Between the Words, about a space pilot haunted by a past decision.

Waylines is not just about fiction, though. The first issue also contains three short films, Grounded, Lovely Monster and, the best of the trio, The Maker, a five-minute animated movie about “a strange creature [that] races against time to make the most important and beautiful creation of his life.” Definitely worth checking out. Issue One also contains interviews with all the authors as well as with The Maker director Christopher Kezelos and Cat Rambo talking about her new collection, Near + Far. And in the regular feature The Writers Room, Alisa Alering chats with author Christopher Barzak about the writing process.

Waylines also separates itself from the competition through its art design. The publishers have put as much thought and passion into the look of the site as with its content. Knickrehm has created amazing artwork for each story, and the site itself has the feel of a slick, high-end print magazine. As Knickrehm writes in Issue Zero (which will soon be available to non-Kickstarter supporters), they attempted to recreate the “tactile experience of magazines and wanted to retain some of that layout and feel.” They succeeded.

Waylines Magazine looks to be a serious contender in the online fiction market. Keep an eye on it. The next issue comes out in March.

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